Kids Tables & Chairs

Our Kid's Tables & Chairs range is made from solid wood, which is stable and durable. We provide different versions that are suitable for kids of different ages, most of our kid's tables and chairs are height adjustable. The activity table can be used as kid's play tables for daily activities such as writing, drawing, sensory plays, etc.
Our study desk provides opportunities for older children to play, create and learn.
We have also developed some storage units to combine with our Kids Tables & Chairs.

Wooden Table and Chairs & Study Sets for Kids

At My Duckling, we have an extensive selection of kid's tables, chairs & study desk sets specially made for toddlers of different ages. 

Our furniture is specially made for kids keeping in mind the posture of their growing bodies. 

Each of our furniture designs is stable and durable and will make a great addition to your kids' bedroom. 

Why our kid's tables and chairs are best?

Our range of furniture has been tested and perfectly designed for kids of different ages. We comply with relevant Australian and New Zealand Safety standards and make it perfect for playing and other activities. What makes it apart from other sets? 

a) Premium adjustable designs

b) Suits all ages

c) Montessori Inspired

d) Space Saving

Benefits of Kids Table and Chairs 

Teaches professional skills + manners

Before mealtime, kids can set the table and clean the table afterward. Many kids love wiping the table to ensure that all the dirty spots are off it. 

Comfort and Posture

Children can sit in the tiny seats with their backs against the chair and their feet flat on the floor. To avoid straining their shoulders or backs while reaching for their food, the kids can modify their distance from the table.

Our kid's wooden table and chairs are suitable for all ages. For example, our study table and chair sets are ideal for kids over three years old. For more ideas, Visit our website. 

Find something special for your kids at My Duckling. We have a wide range of kids' wooden tables and chairs to enhance their creativity and build confidence. Shop the range online at our website.