My Duckling Furniture - Fosters Independence and Growth
February 03, 2022

My Duckling Furniture - Fosters Independence and Growth

Starting from every-day tables and chairs, we have successively developed furniture such as the multifunctional cabinet, learning towers and many other products especially aimed for children aged 1-6, so that your children can cultivate organisational skills at an earlier age. Which will follow and develop with them as they get older.

Table and Chair Set

"Both the desk and chair are height adjustable meaning that they will grow with Isla. The desk has five height settings (we currently have it on the lowest setting) and the chair has four. The desk also has a pull out drawer and I’m sure once Isla discovers it, it will be her little hiding spot for all her treasures 😂 For now, her favourite thing about it is the little duck on the back of the chair 🐤

I’m thinking we will primarily use it as our art and craft table until she is old enough to use it as a proper desk 🖍" - playinginstyle

Revolving Bookcase

"A fantastic addition to any room!
“This is such a beautiful bookcase. I had been considering a rotating bookcase for a while and I’m so glad I chose the My Duckling bookcase. It is exceptional quality. I was really impressed with the hard wood, this will definitely last a lifetime. It has a great base and is basically impossible to tip. My kids have been rotating it non-stop to pick their books and it turns so easily. Really impressed with how many books it can hold. We put well over 300 in and it wasn’t even full! 100% recommend this product” - learninginourworld

Learning Tower

"The My Duckling 2 in 1 Learning Tower has been getting very well used by my littlest one.

She is a very keen little breakfast helper and using learning tower gives her the ability to help safely in the kitchen!" - mummy_lane

"Anyone else’s little elves love helping in the kitchen? Teddy loves being up at the kitchen bench, especially when there are yummy things being prepared for Christmas.
He is having such a great time with the Learning Tower✨ This one is light enough that he can move it about, though still super stable meaning it doesn’t wobble." - raisingthemwild

2 in 1 Bookcase 

"We’ve had some recent addition to our playroom so I thought I’d give you a sneak peek. I’ve been thinking about getting a low shelf for Baby Z so I was thrilled to come across this solid wood, 2 in 1 display bookcase from myducklingfurniture. ⁣

It has blended seamlessly into our playroom and I’ll be sharing in a separate post, the features that I love about it and why I chose this particular model for the girls. " - oliviaandzoeplays

Deck Chair

"We love our new deck chair! Its the perfect size. Great quality, great price and love how it comes with 2 colours to change the look! Every kid on the coast needs one :)"- Tahnaya Culbertson

Weaving Loom

📸 @you_are_my_sunshine_xox

"Upon opening the kids wooden weaving loom, my 7 year old daughter was off. She attentively followed the set up instructions and was able to weave immediately. On her first sitting alone she spent 3 hours weaving, using her fine motor skills and dreaming of all the things she can make. The finished product is gorgeous also! I can't wait to see all her creations." - Debora Monjed