Kids Wooden Weaving Loom
February 15, 2022

Kids Wooden Weaving Loom

Weaving is one of the oldest manufacturing textile techniques. At least two thread systems, the warp thread and the weft thread are crossed at right angles.
The pre-tensioned warp threads form the carrier, into which the weft threads are drawn one after the other from one selvage to the other across the entire width of the weave. The product is known in the technical language as a woven fabric, which includes cloth and other products, such as woven carpets or wallpapers.
The weaving technique differs from that of braiding in that in braiding, the threads do not cross at right angles but diagonally.

The device required for weaving is the loom. The original handloom was improved throughout thousands of years. It became increasingly automated from the 18th century onwards and was finally replaced by electronically controlled weaving machines in the course of the industrial revolution.

My Duckling is proudly to present your children the traditional weaving loom. Referring to the learning methods of Montessori, designed to guide your children into an environment that fosters independence and growth.