The 6 Best kids bookshelf (And How to Pick Yours)
May 17, 2024

The 6 Best kids bookshelf (And How to Pick Yours)

Tired of your little ones turning book time into a bookshelf tumble? Say goodbye to the chaos and hello to calm with our solution.

Our toddlers used to wreak havc on our bookshelf every time it was story time, until we discovered the magic of the Montessori bookshelf. Designed with little ones in mind, this front-facing wonder transforms the way kids engage with their books.

We've tried a variety of kids bookshelf designs. This guide will help you pick out the best Montessori furniture for your needs.

What is a Montessori Bookshelf

A Montessori bookshelf is a specialized piece of furniture designed with young learners in mind. Unlike traditional bookshelves, it is front-facing, meaning that books are displayed with their covers facing outward. This unique style enables children to easily see and access their favorite stories at eye level, promoting independence and fostering a love for reading.

Notably, Montessori bookshelves come in various designs, but they all share the common feature of prioritizing accessibility and simplicity. Some may consist of open shelving, while others may incorporate additional compartments or features. Typically crafted from natural wood, these bookshelves are not only durable but also blend seamlessly into a Montessori-inspired learning environment.

Best Montessori Kids Bookshelf: Top 6 Picks

Whether you follow the Montessori method or not, the following are quality bookshelves for kids. Add them to your child's bedroom, playroom, or even your living room. Here are our top Montessori kids bookshelf picks:

1. Best Montessori Kids Bookshelf Overall: BINDI Revolving Solid Wood Bookcase - $529.00

Hands-down, the best toddler bookshelf is this Montessori bookcase. This piece of furniture delivers function and beauty, and it provides more storage space and display for books with the concept of space-saving. This bookcase can store up to 300 books, which makes it suitable for schools and kindergartens while still perfectly suited for the kids bedroom or playroom.

Not only is it made of high-quality natural materials, but the sides have storage space. This is the ideal setup for a children's rotating bookshelf. The storage boxes mounted on each side of the bookcase are designed to store toys, pencils and other small things. If you detach the boxes, the pegs can be used as hooks for the child's bags, caps and clothes.

Features we love:

Made of FSC-Certified solid rubber wood

Greenguard Gold Certified

Front-facing and features storage space in the side

Revolving Design

2. Best Versatile Bookshelf for Kids: NALA 3 Tier Adjustable Solid Wood Bookshelf - $169.00

Low to the ground, this child sized shelf is ideal for babies and toddlers. Our distinctive front-facing design facilitates effortless access to books, reducing clutter and encouraging independence. As your child grows, you can freely adjust its height.

Slim and sleek, NALA bookshelves is ideal for easy rotation and diverse reading choices. Implement a smart rotational strategy by keeping most books in another room and periodically refreshing the bookshelf for a new selection. On this Solid Wood Bookcase, you can showcase not only books but also baskets filled with toys, art supplies, and a variety of other treasures, it is ideal for your home. 

Features we love:

Made of FSC-Certified solid solid pinewood

Greenguard Gold Certified

Adjustable shelves and Rotatable Storage

Easy Access Design

3. Easiest to Move Montessori Kids Bookshelf: NALA Solid Wood Trolley-$289.00

The solid wood trolley provides your children with plenty space for storaging and displaying bags, books, toys etc that are easily accessible. This trollry is equipped with 5 universal casters which are flexible and stable. It is compatible with NALA Solid Wood Study Desk With Easel.

Features we love:

Upper Display Space

Oversized Drawer

Universal Casters

Side Carved Hole Design

4. Best Toddler Bookshelf: potterybarnkids Cameron 2-Shelf Bookcase -$549.00

Each shelf accommodates up to three Medium or Large Quinn Baskets, Medium or Large Sabrina Baskets, Medium Canvas Storage, Emory Baskets and Small Rope Storage .Our exclusive finishes are applied by hand for exceptional richness, durability and depth of colour.

Features we love:

Built from solid wood and MDF

Crafted with a kiln-dried solid wood frame, using both frame-and-panel and tongue-and-groove construction

5. Montessori Kids Bookshelf with Most Tiers: Bopeep Kids Bookshelf Bookcase Magazine Rack Wooden Organiser Shelf Children - $49.95

tier design with an open bottom shelf, perfect for books, magazines and even colouring books. Round corner and non-toxic paint finish are made to be child safe. But I think there is no baffle behind the open bottom shelf at the bottom of it. This may be a small drawback, making it easy for books to fall off the ground.

Features we love:

Premium MDF board

Canvas woven fabric shelving

Safe rounded corner

4-tier with bottom shelf

6. Most Versatile Montessori Bookshelf: Mocka Theo Kids Bookshelf and Toy Drawer Organiser - $159.99

This versatile piece combines a bookcase, display shelf, and toy storage, all thoughtfully designed with your child's needs in mind. With three open shelves, this bookshelf provides a charming little library where your child's favourite books can be easily accessed and proudly displayed.And the best part? The two bottom drawers, each with smooth castor wheels for effortless mobility.

Features we love:

Timeless natural style to suit throughout your home

Multi-purpose shelving for books and decor display

Two pull-out drawers with castor wheels