Benefits of Montessori Learning Tower for Kids
December 27, 2022

Benefits of Montessori Learning Tower for Kids

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I picked Juniper up from a long day at childcare and like most days, she was tired and grumpy.

Whenever I put her down, she sat on the floor at my feet and cried. It made getting dinner on the table before she was too tired all the more challenging. I brought the My Duckling learning tower into the kitchen and set up a clear part of bench. My little girl stood in the tower and was happy playing with a spatula and container while I quickly washed some berries in the sink next to her. She pointed at the water with her spatula and babbled something sweet in baby; already much more calm than she was a moment ago.


We gave Juniper the learning tower for her 1st birthday. A few months on, she is climbing into it herself, and moving it around the kitchen. She can let me know she wants to join me at the bench when she pushes the learning tower into her usual spot.

When we first set up the learning tower, Juniper was not quite walking. I placed it between the fridge and dishwasher with some magnets on each. She took her first steps walking between the learning tower and the fridge, just a few weeks after her birthday. It was such a magic moment - one surely encouraged by the learning tower making the trip to the fridge more achievable for her.


It allows me to get on with what I need to do the same way as before, while giving her the feeling she is involved and a part of it, and not stuck on the ground looking up.

Once her snack was ready, the little princess munched away happily in her tower. She saved the last bite of her strawberries for our corgi who was lurking below.