My Duckling Focuses on Montessori Kids Furniture

Since 2014, the products from our factory floors have grown with more than 30,000 children and accompanied them through each stage of their growth. Helping them enjoy learning in their most pivotal developmental years.

7 Years in the making, over 30,000 happy customers. We are confident in our products for many many years to come as we grow with your child. All of our children’s furniture adheres to strict safety and eco-friendly standards as we select premium materials and non-toxic coatings that meet Australia and New Zealand health and safety standards.

The idea of our products was originally inspired by the dedication to the love and care for each child. Referring to the learning methods of Montessori, designed to guide your children into an environment that fosters independence and growth.

Starting from every-day tables and chairs, we have successively developed furniture such as the kids bookshelves, learning towers and many other products especially aimed for children aged 1-6, so that your children can cultivate organisational skills at an earlier age. Which will follow and develop with them as they get older.

There is plenty of storage space allocated in the design of our furniture to help your children develop a good habit of organisational skills.

Adjustable height of our learning towers and table and chair sets according to the needs and growth of your little ones, which increases the longevity of the furniture.